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Christmas List

If you're looking for Christmas ideas, here's a list.
Some are extravagant for the simple reason that this is more of a "that'd be nice" list. Disregard large items - I'm just trying to bulk up the list.

  • A coffee maker
  • Gilmore Girls on DVD, because those adorable Gilmore Girls really ARE adorable (And if you are unsure of which season, number 3 is always a safe bet.)
  • A red polka-dotted dress ala Mandy Moore in Because I Said So or Alexis Bledel in the They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?
  • A nice new pretty Livejournal layout (Preferably Peter, Claire, and or Peter/Claire)
  • Sony Vista, but I will keep dreaming on that one.
  • A fic dedicated to me : ): ) Who knows, the favor may be returned :-)
  • A wrap around long sweater
  • A fountain pen and new journal (not sure why I want the pen so much, it's just one of those things)
  • The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
  • Any classics or otherwise really great books.
  • Discount Rental Cards always make nice gifts. Just make sure you buy it from a nice Movie Gallery employee who deserves it. And not from the Biddeford store.
  • Gift cards of all kinds are appropriate, incase you were wondering (especially ITunes)
  • Earrings are always cool.
  • Coffee maker isn't much good without coffee...
  • A Hybrid (ok, so I'm reaching a little)
  • A typewriter (not sure where this one came from)
  • Dominant violin strings
  • Heroes on HD DVD (even though I already have it on ITunes) (wait, now I need an HD DVD player...)
  • HD DVD Player (XBOX 360 is also appropriate)
  • A male, ages 18-30ish, dark hair (color negotiable), brown eyes, 160ish lbs, 6'0" or thereabouts with a pretty smile who knows how to say "Yes, dear."
  • Tickets to Rustic Overtones (http://liveattheoperahouse.com/ for details)

That's about it. Like I said, some are jokes, so the serious ones should avoid certain areas.

I only did this because my mother made me.


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